Feb 19, 2015 / by Chris Geden


Parkmore is separated into four road closure “clusters”, namely:
  • Zone A, otherwise known as Parkmore Crescent.
    This closure has been in place since 2013.
  • Zones B, E1 and E2 which are collectively known as Parkmore Central.
    This closure has been in place and it began operating in April 2016.
  • Zone C, otherwise known as Parkmore Estate.
    This closure is in place and it began operating in April 2016.
  • Zone D, this zone is at an early stage in the overall process

Location of Booms and Gates

Click below links for maps of:

Parkmore Estate and Parkmore Central

Operating Hours of Booms and Gates for Central & Estate

  1. During “Peak Hours”, all booms and gates will be open. Peak hours are:
    • Mon – Fri: 6h00 – 9h30
    • Mon – Fri: 15h00 – 19h30
    • Sat: 8h00 – 13h00
  2. For the remainder of day and night, all gates will be closed to vehicles, and access will only be possible through the various booms.
  3. There are a few exceptions, allowing for access to local businesses and schools, as follows:
    • Gate at the bottom of Lilian Ave, corner Sandton Drive – open weekdays 6h00 to 19h30, and Saturdays between 8h00 and 13h00
    • Gate on Ninth Street near Marie Avenue, open weekdays between 11h30 and 14h00.
    • Gate on Holt Street East near Marie Avenue, open weekdays between 11h30 and 14h00.
  4. Pedestrian access is available 24 hours a day through all gates and booms, per JRA regulation.
  5. Boom gates will be manned 24 hours a day, per JRA regulation.

Further particulars relating to the application as well as a plan indicating the proposed closure may be inspected during normal office hours at the JRA (Pty) Ltd offices:
JRA (Pty) Ltd
66 Sauer Street

Questions and Comments
The Parkmore Community Association acts as a collection agent for monies on behalf of Parkmore Central and Parkmore Estate.  Each zone is run separately by committees and each zone is its own non-profit company.  If you have questions or comments, please direct them to the appropriate contact below:

Please email Parkmore Central or Parkmore Estate or Parkmore Crescent.