Feb 17, 2015 / by Chris Geden


Security Initiatives and Community Policing

What does the Parkmore Community Association do to make Parkmore Safer?

  • Established a Security Porfolio overseen by a committee.
  • Contracted with a single security provider – see below.
  • Faciliated road closures with manned security access points.
  • Managing and facilitating the rollout of Vumacam CCTV with offsite monitoring.
  • Membership and participation in the local Community Policing Forum with SAPS/JMPD/Security Companies and adjacent resident’s associations.
  • Analysis of trends/MO’s and ensuring intervention and communication to the community where appropriate.

Core to improved security in Parkmore, the PCA manages a comprehensive security contract on behalf of its members. This has proved to be the most successful model for suburbs and is commonly applied in many neighbouring communities.

Why a centrally managed security contract?

  • A United Parkmore is a Safer Parkmore.
  • The focus is on having a team dedicated to Parkmore – not limited to armed response to individual residences, but proactive patrolling of the entire suburb as well as common spaces with the mandate to investigate and assist wherever possible.
  • The PCA contracts with 24/7 which enables significant clout for the residents – in both buying-power and additional services.
  • The entire 24/7 team, from CEO to Guards are deeply committed to the suburb.
  • The more residents and businesses that sign up with 24/7, the more dedicated vehicles we will get for the Parkmore.

In addition to Home or Business Alarm system monitoring and armed response, key features of the contract:

  • 24 hour proactive patrolling;
  • Three dedicated patrolling vehicles plus an experienced cluster manager;
  • 2 well trained armed reaction officers (ARO’s) per vehicle vs. 1 in many other cases allows for immediate intervention or engagement if required;
  • The vehicles do not leave the suburb – even at shift change;
  • Access to Tactical Response Strike Team, manned with Grade A guards;
  • Ad hoc use of 24/7 Security’s K9 Unit;
  • Additional foot patrollers and vehicles deployed according to crime trends, as budget allows
  • Average response time to your alarm or panic signal of three minutes and under;
  • 24/7 App with Panic Feature;
  • Free ‘Meet-and-Greet’ services for clients;
  • Weekly attendance at Community Policing Forum/ Sandton SAPS meetings and weekly meeting between PCA Suburb Manager and 24/7 management;
  • Participation in all SAPS-led operations such as green belt clear ups in the parks;
  • 24 hour Control Room and Suburb Manager participation in community security WhatsApp channel ‘ParkmoreProtect’;
  • Community-owned radio frequency and transmitters – each member purchases a radio upon sign up. This means that should a new provider be selected, no new transmitters will be required as the PCA moves the receiver to the new provider’s control room;
  • Proactive security trend analysis/insights with suggestions, plus GuardTek for all issue and incident reporting;
  • Independent security advice;
  • Community services e.g. reporting broken street lights, pot holes, water leaks, calling paramedics and fire brigade following vehicle accidents etc.
  • If security provider issues are experienced, the PCA Manager will facilitate resolution and provide feedback.

Cluster Manager can be reached on 082 893 2589 or via email parkmore@24-7security.co.za.

24/7 Security Services is a founder-led company with an outstanding track record in Parkmore, Forest Town, Parkview, Duxberry and at many of Gauteng’s leading schools.  For more information about 24/7 you can visit their website.



Special offer.

Move your armed response from your existing security provider to 24/7 Security for just R550 per month. Valid until 31 August 2021.

More 24/7 members will enable:

  • Additional dedicated vehicles for better coverage and response times;
  • Extended Vumacam camera network to beyond the entrances;
  • Potential reduction in costs for all members if the economics allow.

To join, email members@parkmore.org.za

Please share with your neighbours and street groups.

Terms and Conditions

  1. As the 24/7 contract is with the PCA, you’ll need to be a PCA member.
  2. This is a ‘like-for-like’ offer and only applies for full armed response services. Proof of your current security provider fees is required.
  3. To get the offer you will need to commit to a 1 year contract. From 1st September 2020, the prevailing PCA + 24/7 Membership fees will apply.
  4. This offer is for the premises/resident combination and is not here to be ‘gamed’ – so don’t cancel 24/7 and reapply, or pretend to be a pensioner when you are not. We reserve the right to reject applications due to any attempts to ‘game the system’.
  5. This offer is not available to residents that have cancelled with 24/7 within the past 12 months.
  6. There is a once off cost for a PCA Radio Transmitter of R648 (each security company usually has their own that you’d need to purchase) and a small annual fee for the radio license.
  7. The PCA reserves the right to extend or withdraw this offer at any time, as well as to change the terms and conditions.