Feb 18, 2015 / by Chris Geden

Benefits and Role of PCA

The Parkmore Community Association adds significant value to Parkmore and its members.

The Role of the PCA

  • The PCA’s mandate is to provide support and services to its contributing members;
  • The PCA is constituted within the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 as a Non Profit Company with Board of Directors (who are all residents in Parkmore), that meets monthly with governance standards and accountable action plans;
  • In terms of the PCA’s Memorandum of Incorporation MOI, all persons and corporate bodies whether registered owners, business owners or tenants of property are eligible for membership. Members are asked contribute an agreed PCA membership fee;
  • The PCA manages the suburb through a full-time contracted Suburb Manager and staff;
  • Activities and purpose are determined by a coherent holistic vision for Parkmore;
  • PCA is in constant communication with its members, and Parkmore Residents via WhatsApp, newsletters, SMS, emails and Facebook;
  • PCA website address is www.parkmore.org.za
  • PCA has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ParkmorePCA
  • To ensure property integrity, values and zoning compliance, PCA defends our Precinct Plan, and is evaluating the impact of the new Spacial Development Plan;
  • Keep constant awareness and response to applications for land use and zoning and building plans, etc;
  • Arrange regular open public meetings to discuss matters of importance;
  • Represent resident-interests with Ward 90 and Ward 103 Councillors and Ward Committees;
  • PCA manages a community proactive policing policy in Parkmore with a preferred security service provider;
  • The PCA has contracted Vumacam and 24/7 Security’s Smart Surveillance Control Room for CCTV monitoring, which includes Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) alerts for ‘BOLO’ vehicles;
  • Contracted to 24/7 Security to provide “ever present, ever active” street patrols within a service level agreement;
  • Have close interaction and co-ordination with the SA Police Services, Sector 3 SAPS patrols and Jhb Metro Police and security companies within the Parkmore Crime Forum PCF, to combat crime at community level;
  • Work with City of Johannesburg Region B and Region E Regional Director offices for service delivery to manage suburb within By-Law observance and compliance (illegal signage, illegal hawkers, etc.);
  • Support the green spaces of George Lea Park and “Friends of the Field & Study”;
  • Work closely with Pikitup ‘Separation at Source” recycling project with weekly curbside waste-collection of paper, glass, cans and some plastics;
  • Facilitate the Parkmore Road Closure with JRA to install for road closure “access restriction” in zones, traffic calming in Parkmore, street markings, stop streets signs, etc.;
  • Monitor and report pot holes and street lights not working on weekly basis to respective departments;
  • Interact with Primary and Pre-primary schools in Parkmore;
  • PCA Suburb Support crew manage the appearance by cleaning the suburb, creating and managing gardens.

Exclusive Services to PCA Members

  • The Suburb Manager and staff will attend to questions from its members;
  • PCA does the collection of the security provider fees, as a leverage of service;
  • Provide urgent attention of members service queries with 24/7 Security management;
  • Provide day-to-day management of the existing and future “access restriction” road closures;
  • On-going resident communication contact through regular PCA newsletters, e-mail and sms;
  • Unlimited ‘Meet-and-Greets’ for PCA-24/7 Security members;
  • FREE approval of property building plans in terms of Title Deed African Reality Trust conditions;
  • Facilitating a Business improvement district along 10th and 11th Street;
  • Special advertising rates for marketing on PCA website and newsletters.