Feb 18, 2015 / by Chris Geden

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Joining the PCA means supporting the community. Strength in numbers means more can be achieved.

Here is what the PCA fees help to pay for:

  1. Employed staff members, who make sure that day-to-day tasks are carried out. These include:
    1. A cleaning crew of 4 members who clean on 11th Street and garden all communal garden areas and remove illegal signage
    2. Kim le Roux, who ensures that we are paying our bills to 24/7 Security and SARS. She collects all monies and runs our direct debit orders
    3. Our suburb manager Mike Engelbrecht, whose role is to ensure that security runs properly, civic matters like potholes and water leaks are handled, and park improvements happen
  2. Community asset management: For example, we recently signed a lease for Driefontein Farm House, which will be rented from the City for a period of just under 10 years. We intend to use it as a venue for people to work from flexibly and for committee meetings
  3. Annual/seasonal suburb events

Here are some numbers, both big and small:

It costs R310,000 per month (excluding VAT) to keep our security show on the road. This covers:

  • 3 x dedicated 24/7 security vehicles, each of which drives 300km per 24 hours
  • 2 x armed response officers per vehicle, 24 hours a day
  • 1 x dedicated 24/7 Security Suburb Manager, who patrols undercover
  • 1 x full-time PCA Suburb Manager, Mike Engelbrecht

The road closure guarding costs are over and above the R310k, and the PCA also handles cleaning the suburb, improving the parks, and reporting on all civic matters. But we have permission to process only 600 debit orders monthly. We need the other 600 to make this sustainable!

Pricing is as follows for 2018:

PCA Membership only PCA Membership + 24/7 (PCA fee included)
Pensioner R60 R407
Complex R60 R624
Standard R163 R1004
Corporate R293 R1134
Parkmore Central Enclosure Parkmore Estate Enclosure
House/Business Rate R535 R380
Flat/Apartment Rate R134
Pension/Reduced Rate R318 R190

*PCA-24/7 Pricing Increases Annually September 1st

Road closure contributions are separate and differ in price from zone to zone – this is because each area is a different size with a different number of booms/base of contributions.  Please click the road closure page here for more.

If you are interested in joining, please complete this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.