Feb 18, 2015 / by Chris Geden


Having a strong base of contributing members to the PCA enables the PCA Board and Committees to effectively manage the overall wellbeing of the suburb for residents, businesses and visitors. The more members we have, the more we can achieve.

To join the PCA, 24/7 Security and the Road Closures – contact Coll at members@parkmore.org.za or tel: 082 896 3547

There are 1368 ‘front doors’ in Parkmore. We have approximately 650 contributors to the PCA and about 540 signups for the 24/7 Security initiative. In order to make Parkmore safer and better for all, we need more contributors. 

Pricing is as follows for September 2020 to end August 2021:

  PCA Membership + 24/7 Security Armed Response   PCA Membership
Standard Rate R   1110   R  206
Complex Rate R    684   R    78
Pensioner Rate R    451   R    78
Corporate / Business Rate R   1262   R   358


The road closures have installed the physical gates, booms, guardhouses and cameras, and are responsible for managing and maintain them on an ongoing basis. Additionally, there are guards that man some of the manual booms. They enclosures are in 2 sections:

  1. Parkmore Central (Marie Avenue to Mattie Avenue & Holt Street to 11th Street,  and Olympia Avenue to Mattie Avenue), and
  2. Parkmore Estate (Marie to Grayston & 4th to 11th)

Road closures halved crime incidents when they were implemented, and

Parkmore Central Enclosure Parkmore Estate Enclosure
Standard  Rate R  490 R  450
Complex Rate R  120 R  120
Pensioner Rate R  290 R  225
Corporate Rate R  490 R  485
  • Pricing Increases Annually on September 1st each year.
  • Prices include VAT.

Road closure contributions are separate from PCA and 24/7 Security and differ in price from zone to zone – this is because each area is a different size with a different number of booms/base of contributions.  Please visit the road closure page for more.


Please note that each individual unit/flat and not the complex as a whole needs to be contributing members as all complex residents get the benefit of the suburb-wide PCA, security, camera and closure initiatives. The PCA has special pricing strucutres for Complexes/Apartments – contact Colleen to discuss on members@parkmore.org.za or tel: 082 896 3547

Here is what the PCA fees pay for:

  1. The ability to build a reserve of funds for challenging rogue property developers, developing precinct plans with our town planning consultant, paying for traffic/road engineers, implementing emergency security interventions, and more.
  2. PCA staff members and contractors, who make sure that day-to-day tasks are carried out. These include:
    1. A contracted cleaning crew of 4 who maintain communal garden areas, and remove illegal signage;
    2. Kim le Roux, who ensures that we are paying our bills to 24/7 Security and SARS. She manages memberships, collects all monies and runs our direct debit orders, and oversees the annual audit;
    3. Our suburb manager Lori Klein, whose role is to ensure that security runs properly, attends the weekly Community Policing Forum meetings, civic matters like potholes and water leaks are handled, and park improvements happen.
    4. Our Community Liaison, Coll Evans, who continues to grow our membership base, including welcoming new residents, and businesses to the suburb.
  3. Public space CCTV services via Vumacam allows for incident investigation and early warning of ‘vehicles-of-interest’ which have been listed on BOLO databases, all managed from 24/7 Security’s advanced Smart Surveillance Control Room.
  4. Annual/seasonal suburb events such as the Halloween Walk, AGM, and Spruit Day
  5. Marketing and communication – website hosting, SMS sends, newsletter management platform, acquiring updated Deeds Office databases, hosting the AGM and Special General Meetings, etc.

Here are some numbers, both big and small:

It costs over R330k per month (excluding VAT) to keep our PCA-contracted security initiative operating. This covers:

  • 3 x dedicated 24/7 security vehicles, each of which drives approximately 200km per 24 hours
  • 2 vehicles have 2 x armed response officers per vehicle and the other has 1 ARO, 24 hours a day
  • 1 x 24/7 Security Cluster Manager, who patrols in an unmarked vehicle, attends incidents, ensures quality of service and SLA standards are met, constant oversight of all guards deployed to Parkmore (over 20 now)
  • Extensive incident reporting and recording assists in trend analysis
  • Additional support from the 24/7 K9 and Tactical Response Teams where and when required – such as patrolling the green spaces at Sandton Sports Club

The road closure guarding and infrastructure costs are over and above R330k, and are covered by each of the road closure entities.

If you are interested in joining to make Parkmore better and safer, please email members@parkmore.org.za