• Working together to build a happy, secure and upmarket ‘hood for Parkmore residents

What is the PCA

The Parkmore Community Association is an NPO made up of residents working together to build Parkmore into a happy, secure and upmarket ‘hood. We do this by XYZ. Join today and help us to XYZ. Check out some of our projects below.

About Parkmore

Parkmore is ideally located to the west of Sandton, offering prime residential living within a stone’s throw of Gauteng’s CBD. With fantastic restaurants, local shops, doctors, parks, preschools and a primary school, the 1,200 homes in the suburb are well catered for. The significantly reduced commuting time, approved plans for road closure and value for money is another reason that Parkmore features in the top ten most desirable suburbs in South Africa in 2015 and property prices are growing annually by 10-12%*.